Posted by: Diabolic Preacher | May 31, 2007

distro features comparison tool

Distrowatch should definitely have this feature…does it? :O

check out the linux (its not “red hat”….it’s “GNU/Linux”) distributions’ comparison tool at polishlinux. Currently it’s in BETA stage and information is not too detailed…though you get some quick info and a good idea. What i like as of now is the list of distros are limited to the major ones, so you need not have to do a huge lot of comparisons and you can compare 2 distros at a time…i feel if they put all distro features on one page like some wikipedia pages have or maybe as you might have seen in hardware comparison test charts in digit magazine or some such print publication, you tend to lose focus. it’s like “ok! debian supports x86,x86_64,ARM,PPC,…..” then u scroll for 200 cms and then “oh! yellow dog supports PPC…did debian have that?” 😀

funny thing is that the tool allows you to compare a distro with itself…the only thing that does come different between the two lists is the random screenshot, probably pulled in by a script.

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