Posted by: Diabolic Preacher | June 13, 2007

apple safari 3 public beta for windows

another seasoned professional enters the windows side of browser wars…it’s a jungle out there!

Finally Apple has ported its sleek browser Safari onto Windows platform. It is a public beta version and so is gmail. All the features and your download begins here. Among the 12 features listed, the ones i’ve found interesting so far are

  • Faster performance…not blazing…but quick enough
  • Inline Find. the highlighted word does a bouncy thing to appear more prominently
  • SnapBack : safari creates an anchor point such that you can either : –
  • Built-in RSS : it actually previews the feed and has a neat stylesheet…something akin to what i’ve seen on IE7. you have options to regulate the feed content amount that you want to view per entry and also how much far in the history you’d want to go and search for articles as well.
    Click screenshot for larger image.
  • Resizable text fields : this refers to the multi-line input text fields…for example, the body field of a mail compose page
  • Private Browsing: firefox and opera provide a way to reset your web tracks back to square one by means of “Clear Private Data” and “Delete Private Data” options. Safari includes that (Reset Safari) and Private Browsing which is a mode of browsing in which no data is recorded in the history and the download list is cleared out as and when downloads are completed. other browsers can be configured by configurin the individual elements that keep track of your web browsing history but none has the ease of one click global configuration. you need not worry about “is my browsing secure enough?”. btw is the cache also set to null…esp. when you think of youtube videos n the like.

Now for the features that i have questions about…

  • User Interface :- it is really unobtrusive and in that way helps you focus on the page contents but the theme/skin which helps safari achieve this gets in the way as the text on the tabs are not so easily visible. OTOH safari has a feature to adjust font sharpness and brightness depending on your monitor type. you can choose from Light, Medium and Strong
  • i haven’t tried out bookmarks yet but safari can enlist your network shares using the bonjour service…itna kuchh browser mein hi?
  • pop-up blockin : haven’t seen any popups yet. so far the best browser in terms of built in popup blockin so far is known to be opera (feedback please)…now let’s see how much does this one scale up. unwanted popups only are needed to be blocked not all popups. i noticed though that sometimes the methods to open links in a new tab though set so were opening a new window. and safari doesn’t understand Ctrl-Enter. bleh…but adds .com anyways…like older versions of opera.
  • Forms AutoFill : – i’m not used to it…except on my pingutop (linux laptop) …which i’ve screwed up. would be useful for people forgettin their name, address n pin code…esp. fictitious ones 😉

well, that was the quickest review of one of the browsers that had rss n tabs from long long ago and which i’d always wanted to try out without payin for a mac. 😀


  1. Looks tempting..

    this really has to be one of “to the point review” without much fancy work on the language …

    We really needed a faster browser and this sounds tempting ..

    • Re: Looks tempting..

      i really have come a long way from the essayish sentences to “to the point review” 🙂

      and to the point review was possible coz i only sort of commented on the 12 reasons they state on the site which are given in points.

      gotta make some minor edits

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