Posted by: Diabolic Preacher | July 21, 2007

the ‘8 things’ tag…about me

tagged by Ashu

  1. I prefer being alone.
  2. I write poems to vent out…they may not be publishable but they just make me happy in the end. sometimes i write random stuff…but i hate writin as with the pen n paper…pen is for jabbing teachers complainin about bad handwriting…in their eyes.
  3. I do sleep a lot and also prefer stayin up the whole night…but never to study.
  4. I like football…not the american version to play, but no fuckin clothes holding and leg-kickin.
  5. I never ever liked any of my faculty members despite them pretending to be caring about me.
  6. My online moniker is syllable-ically influenced by my real name…those who know will get what i mean…for the rest…only time will tell.
  7. I am a food junkie or a junk foodie….whichever way you want it.
  8. I usually don’t follow conventions.


  1. diabolic, debolekh, debolik??

    -minx(i forgot my open id url n im way 2 lazy to look it up)

    • u forgot your id or the password? i cud look up your comments n let you know your open id…

      n your guesses are wrong…you didn’t really get the clue

      n congrats for havin 50 comments n rising on your famous post.

      i could conclude more reality related the post, greater the feedback

      • damn… da gal i sit next 2 in class is another bong, n wat do u say bout debobroto?

        n i lost da id, i know da password…..

        so true btw, reality related stuff works… plus controversies are always da best selling stuff…


      • bong gal couldn’t help you much eh? n u still are missin the point. good to see you try on though.

        controversies? its just a mix of your class popularity n your labelling of people as per your observations, that got that kind of response…n i’m sure you know best to deal with such people.

        btw thanks for comin back.

        i found ur open id back in an april 2007 post n its not like i blog too infrequently.

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