Posted by: Diabolic Preacher | August 10, 2007

news updates for metalheads

looking at the past few entries i realised that besides the occassional ‘music i listen to’ field in each entry, there has been no updates on the metal front…music in particular. the truth is ever since i seem to have stopped getting the blistering newsletter and the metal communities of orkut are useless at best.

thanks to my well-crafted google alerts, i have been able to somewhat catch up on a minute number of artists that i am majorly interested in. although blistering had a whole range of metal artists in the news, it was mostly the artist and album names that sometimes proved to be inspiration for some of my compositions.

first of all, i have been so out of touch with the metal music news that i didn’t realise that megadeth has released yet another album called “United Abominations” and even Machine Head’s out with “The Blackening“. Both of them with interesting cover artwork and most importantly some back-to-the-roots aspects like the politically charged lyrics of “United Abominations” akin to “Peace Sells” (articles say that both albums have the U.N. building in their cover artwork) as well as the riffs are heavy and fast like good ol’ times. On the other hand, the main feature of “The Blackening” are really really long tracks…radio-unfriendly but metalhead-lovely :P. i have a personal preference towards metal tracks that have some melody a ‘singing’ voice, some machine-gun like riffs n a lengthy composition. e.g. Disposable Heroes. 😛

Megadeth’s also arranging a box set called Warchest which releases tentatively on october 2nd in U.S. megadeth’s changed lineups, recording companies and hence have released a lot of ‘compilations’ and ‘remastered reissues’. Warchest is a set of 4CD’s and a DVD with more than six hours of digitally remastered content. More details here.

If you are interested in following a certain event or to get updates about your anything that you ‘fan’cy. think of what you’d put in a search box to find the latest updates about that and enter those terms as the query for a new alert. Google Alerts in itself is quite self-explanatory but not entirely…unless you want to way too fine-grained control of email delivery. oh yes, alerts come by mail…e-mail. Google Blog Search also has a feature to get new updates (read posts) to your search query from the blogosphere, if you believe in it’s (blogosphere’s) effectiveness of being more faster, precise and honest than mainstream media


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