Posted by: Diabolic Preacher | August 11, 2007

the essential tech babble

had a great day with two successful vector linux installations….successful in the way i prefer them to be. quite happy that it works, sounds and connects on one and just works on the other. }:-)

one’s an acer aspire with amd athlon 64 bit dual core and the other is an intel p4 assembled desktop. desktop’s are always easily configured. this acer model uses nvidia hardware components…probably the nforce mobo. linux detected sound correctly and the mixer levels were all set and adjustable yet no sound was coming. it sounded cool on the subwoofer system connected to the desktop though.

the acer fella was grumpy about no support for his laptop webcam n bluetooth n wireless (atheros)…out of the box…n he was gonna try fedora. i’d like to see him try configuring those in fedora. online forums n community support (eh) are only useful when the user approaches them. he’s even bejaar to do a google search. otoh, let me also add that the win xp default graphics driver itself is BS. it thinks 800×600 looks marvelous. bleh! n then the inbuilt acer bluetooth module could not be made to work using the microsoft bluetooth drivers. i plugged in my usb bluetooth dongle and showed him that xp does have bluetooth drivers and i exchanged a file with my cell to show that it works fine. i was happy n amazed that my dongle was that useful n he was like ‘hmm…way too ishpeshal bluetooth me got here, i guess’ in his expression…so that’d mean he was thinkin of it..uh whatever. :p

on both the machines with 768mb and 640mb of ram, the installation completed really quickly and a lot of people here are like “1 CD only!?!” anyways i tested the installation on the acer lappy with a CD (that i wrote from my pingutop) which was suspected to have errors. the installation went super-smooth and that was proof enough to the CD media owner that the media had no problems whatsoever. apparently his cd drive needed some cleanup.

vector linux esp. the SOHO version has a lot of newbie/non-techie friendly features…provided you don’t squirm at a little archaic interface sometimes. 🙂 Give it a try.


  1. Is Vectorlinux better than the rest…?

    I have always been on the lookout for a distro to my always changing needs. The best were Debian, Slackware, Fedora(5), and Ubuntu. Antonio(S.E. Comp GEC hasn’t managed to settle on any distro, dislikes Fedora, Sabayon etc… Although he has found Ubuntu to be good, he still finds a need to test some other distros.
    Whats in VectorLinux that makes you such a devout user? Specifically, Does it have online repos?

    • Re: Is Vectorlinux better than the rest…?

      arre yaar why do you remain anonymous cowards??

      a distro always caters to specific needs. ever changing needs need to keep changing distros forever. or run a bunch of them on hypervisors or configure any one to be an all-rounder.

      vectorlinux suits my needs. its a slackware derivative and any documentation for slackware works fine for vector.
      what i like about VL are :-
      1. fastest kde distro.
      2. optimized for less powerful machines…implies more powerful than rest on newer machines
      3. support forums that cater to both power users and beginners.
      4. online repos of both vector linux and slackware are usable. binary package formats used are tgz (from slackware) and tlz (lzma compressed slackware package).
      4. vector-linux is newbie friendly on the outside (GUI) and pro user friendly on the inside (CLI…majorly gives the feel of workin on slackware…n u said slackware’s among the best)
      5. my music n movies work out of the box. VL usually comes with fairly new versions of software.
      6. it’s both a developer and a desktop user specific distro.
      in the end, what matters is that i have found VL to be flexible to help a newbie grow up to be a pro without changing distros from mandriva to maybe fedora to debian…somethin i heard long back.
      the forums will give you and idea about the dedication of the core team to help vector linux be more widely used and they assume almost no prior linux experience.

      personally i’ve never liked gnome and i never came across any other distro which have optimized kde performance like this one. although i did get fluxbox now… my usual apps are vlc/xine, juk, openoffice, etc.

      its a wonder you count slackware among the best and ask if VL is better than the rest? VL is slackware with the goodies.

      its the distro i’ve learnt a lot from, a lot about linux and to take care of n maintain my own PC.

      antonio? it doesn’t matter what he likes. he needs to know what he needs to begin with and whether a distro fulfilling those could scale up to his wants. i don’t like fedora either…tell me about sabayon.

      he could post his ‘test’ results online for the benefit of all.
      i for one, don’t like shifting distro to distro too much.

      • Re: Is Vectorlinux better than the rest…?

        Forgot to sign my name at the end… I find that openID thing a big hassle, Doesn’t lj have the option of some Name field or something…

        I’ve never used vector, I tried what was easily available… (Which came along with mags)
        I found slackware to be really nice, but if I did get used to such a geeky distro, it would be hard to explain simple concepts to regular users(by regular, I mean absolutely non tech… they would be better of with mandriva or ubuntu) These users find it difficult to use automatix(quick non-free package installer) on ubuntu and debian.
        As of vector, I know of, but does it have any auto dependency resolution?
        Maybe I’ll give zenwalk(another slackware based distro)another shot…


        P.S. Har koyi anonymous coward nahi hota!

      • Re: Is Vectorlinux better than the rest…?

        These users find it difficult to use automatix(quick non-free package installer) on ubuntu and debian

        the biggest hurdle in command-line entries for newbies/non-techies is that you have to s.p.e.l.l. out the commands exactly. u can’t click an icon n press ok to continue with the install. you can do filename completion but program names are not easily remembered. think about it, some packages like bluez-utils or the other day i saw some package for desktop utilities bundle in a assortment of command-line programs, but are they readily shown? can a user type $bluez-utils and get a list of commands it packages? no. it will say “bad command or file name”….or something more advanced….meaning the same ;P

        if I did get used to such a geeky distro, it would be hard to explain simple concepts to regular users
        you gotta have some faith in your capabilities and besides vector is fit for both non-techies and geeks. don’t tell me that you yourself as someone from the computer stream worries about getting too geeky!

      • Re: Is Vectorlinux better than the rest…?

        ok fine, you are anonymous bullward….not cow.

        Doesn’t lj have the option of some Name field or something…
        sounds like the usual windows whiners. what’s their to put the name right in the end of the text body. or is it that such a feature has made you forget that you must write your name if you are anonymous?

        vector has its own repos as well as slackware’s. it uses slapt-get which takes care of dependency stuff.
        #slapt-get –install <put ur list of pkg’s to be installed here>

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