Posted by: Diabolic Preacher | August 24, 2007

visions in the unknown

not that i would need to tell out this stuff but i dunno why i was getting vivid visions of me lying down, as in sleeping but with eyes open n lifeless with a large sledgehammer hitting and smashing through my chest, hitting thru the middle of the rib cage n i was just feeling the trauma, the impact of the blow.

that changed to something else after some weeks (or was it days?) n now the torture is a bit different. i find myself lying in the middle of a tarmac track with tipper trucks running over me. the thing’s that i feel the tyres crush me through n i feel my inside’s being squashed out n it feels really unbearable but not painful and not disgusting coz i don’t see any of my innards spilling out.

in a way i think i have been in control of this situation now, as something cool happened a few nights back. there was the same seen of me tired down to lie on the road n there was the oncoming truck (officer! it didn’t have the number plate) n this time i was very much awake n in control. guess you know what that ‘in control’ means? that was the funniest part. i just felt that i had the power to just hold n pull back the truck away from me, with a strong arm…huge palm (its a dream, right?)

what really matters is the kind of reflections that arise from such visions: i myself have to take initiatives to get an upper hand on all those troubles which render me helpless.

damn it was good! …no not the hammer

(kindly note: sledgehammer is large enough but if its like near your face its huge, right?..don’t try that at home)

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