Posted by: Diabolic Preacher | August 28, 2007


chale? chalo. chalna chahiye. chalna padega. 🙂

watchable for the action scenes. its been a long time since the action hero stereotyped actors came out of being disillusioned that they are proving their versatility trying to act otherwise….not wise.

story of diamonds. narrated on a plane flight. long flight. main feature of the filming was the irritating stuffing (not blending) of animated replicated scenes of the movie running parallel with the actual movie. is this the future of stunts direction? not really, most action scenes were not animated, just some fun/style parts. reminded me of some disney show that sis watches. Lizzie McGuiere, starring hillary duff(er?) ;p . i know way outta context, but that was the only example that i was reminded of watching the totally unresembling toons (kambakht cartoon kahin ka, hatt!), which looked less indian than the actors. u thinkin of the hanuman movie animations? you’re thinkin worse. this one’s still better.

most stupid of em was….the police……..and any main role actors employed in the police force. so unfair.

soonil shatty (numerology n other crapology is his worry, he can spell his name the way he wants) sucks so bad, even his cartoon image looked awrrible. he died so easily. chhya. his motive: “biggest loser jeetega”

time to doze off…


  1. minx

    Sunil shetty’s also in dat movie?? eww

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