Posted by: Diabolic Preacher | September 23, 2007

settled for life:stuck in a posh hole

the visualization of the usual TCS/Wipro/Infosys aspirant

This article is a personal interpretation of an existing trend, which many maybe uncomfortable accepting till they actually experience that. The trend is about the herd mentality of aspiring for getting a job in a big MNC. In my opinion, its not even a true aspiration, or rather a very limited aspiration or perhaps a little misguided aspiration for many who take up the offers.

Let me help you visualize the image of such a man. Think of a person whose got stuck in a hole…maybe some well. He was lured by name and fame of some MNC and lots of wealth n high salaries. Now, from the man’s point of view, being stuck in the hole feels like being settled for life. i’ll explain that too. the hole he got stuck in leads to a bottomless pit which is time and he’s stuck such that his butt fits comfortably but it fits so perfectly that he can’t move about. why doesn’t he complain? there is a nice cushiony layering at the rim of the hole. so he’s kinda settled there snugly and he can see fame and wealth in front of him but although he can grab at little lumps of wealth at a time, true success and genuine fame is within sight but a little out of reach. Or you could visualize that the MNC pushes a little bit of its wealth as ‘salary’ with a little spade or something. Now why doesn’t the man reach out to achieve genuine fame? comfort zone! he is settled comfortably in a hole. Its a hole that looks like the posh office cubicle but to the outside world looks like a neglected man-hole. People in comfort zone are never going to make progress or beat new tracks on the unknown terrain. Although the person feels so comfortable, people not stuck like him are unaware of what makes him so deliberately ignorant of opportunities he needs to take and make progress and not just make wealth.

the parable of the pipeline is for those who plan to retire early in life…

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