Posted by: Diabolic Preacher | April 21, 2008

an update of the times i live in

First news is that I could finally publish DLF IPL Selector website live with the help of colleagues/friends from Goa Cyber Works in Panjim. Its as buggy as a 0.0001 version could be but then websites rarely have version numbers…so difficult to justify the gradual improvements :p

Thankfully friends have been participating in ‘alpha testing’ the site and truth be said i’ve been trying to cover up as many loopholes as possible. there’s still somethings i gotta learn to get things implemented. Right now I feel working out use cases would be helpful, but the development deadline hardly left time for initial artwork.

Shall I talk about the workplace? Hell, Why not? 😀
Best thing happening now…well best that could possibly happen in that tundra workshop is that the AC pulls up all power and the whole phase trips…but the thing is some people either want the AC at the extreme low temp, that the AC is capable of setting to, power toh aise hi jana hai. Coding kya khaak karun? fingers get stuck and some blame it on me sitting right in front of the AC…only place left with the oldest comp. that I have been patiently running, where pages on localhost loads slower than dial-up, c drive has a strange bimari of waiting substantially before showing the listing and nowadays a virus entertains me opening ad sites in internet explorer and the names of the virus exe’s have strange alphabetically combinations. couldn’t search them up online. The other place next to the ‘equator’ region for some was just as comfortably cool n sometimes chilly.
The good thing about them colleagues were that they made extra efforts to accomodate the selector project by freeing up the team members from much of the other projects that they were handling and otherwise, it wouldn’t have been possible to get anywhere near presentable completion state. Yet on the other hand, more of the workforce has to gear up to make sure that all pre-release checks are performed to ensure that there is a smooth flow of navigation (almost) no matter which path a user chooses. A cool tool from w3c is the Check Link tool which spiders your site to fetch 404’s to notify which missing links need to be fixed. I did talk about the other tools that’s come handy in the development phase.
There is still work to be done. Conditions to add. It had been a rushed project so far.
Wonder if i could get hands dirty with the Perl project.

For those wanting to check out the state in its current state and helping with some useful feedback of any kind, check out the DLF IPL Selector site

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