Posted by: Diabolic Preacher | May 15, 2008

random tech babble

along with the word ‘rare’ that would probably be the new title of this long ignored ventspace.

So how have you all been all this time? Many a times, there have been quite a few compelling reasons to write some good blog posts but i kept it for later so more stuff could pile up and now they all drained away. ๐Ÿ˜› but still let’s see what all i can come up with.

I learnt quite a few interesting things on my own that I don’t remember right now…but if you just wait a bit more, i might remember…but there is no guarantee for that. ๐Ÿ˜›

well, basically i worked on php and a bit of python in the time that went by. More experience was with php as i spent more time on that but learnt some fun things on python too.

With regard to PHP i got experience from the work i did at GCW as well as from helping the only junior project group who worked with PHP+MySQL. Although it was probably very wise of them to implement error handling, The error handlers weren’t friendly either for the users or for the developers. The errors were caught but they were suppressed rather than translating the nerdy PHP error msgs into something user understandable, but the funny thing is they wrote the error handlers before their code was basically functional and thus they couldn’t read the actual warning or error messages that were being suppressed. Java classes structure and the mandatory one file per class builds a horrible habit of too much decentralization of code.

At work, I learnt about Iterators (like yeah…finally). never knew why these stupid classes were being made. never needed them or knew of their importance till i needed for doing a small script in php that i would have better done with a desktop batch image processing software. what i still felt was that using Iterators were like an optional method, although classmates were taught about iterarors as the only way to access arrays, which was like ugh! ๐Ÿ˜›
I learnt about standard library functions like Iterators finally when I looked for ways to traverse directories on the hard disk using loops.

I got to spend time with python this time while trying to look into amarok scripts. the easiest to follow being the html playlist generator which reads the xml file generated from the current loaded playlist and build a html page. python being so easy to understand and to debug, i could try out bits n pieces of the code n put in my changes…although being out of practice and lack of fun examples like this to try from, it did take me a lot of re-saves to get to what i really wanted. especially since i had zilch knowledge about handling xml files and yet i could understand the code well enough to manipulate the values to display what i wanted exactly.

Following ruby code scripts was still easy to some extent but without the irb it was not easy to test out small snippets of what i wanted to do and having not learnt it before, i could follow only those parts that made sense…well yeah…obviously. one of the track rating algorithms was in ruby and being a simple algebraic equation it was easy to figure out and mess around with without messing up things.

there have been a lot of discoveries done about new online web services and techcrunch had literally flooded twitter page with latest updates that were all so relevant just for the fact that they were the latest ๐Ÿ˜› Will talk about those later…when i remember…if i remember ๐Ÿ™‚

I still suck at javascript coz it sucks to see such queer code by queer coders who write their queer code so queerly, but other than that…i still have a long way to go to understand how js really works…n i am not into theory much.

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