Posted by: Diabolic Preacher | June 3, 2008

twitter: why bother using it?

Although twitter’s im bot’s like forever offline for soo long and i dunno when i could get my updates back…while it lasted, I had somehow worked out what worked well for me in twitter. I’d post very few original twits. a few replies sometimes but mostly eavesdropping on the stream of 140 character updates. Being able to skim through the entire set of updates to check out the useful stuff, notice a buzz pattern and click few selective links is what one gets better at with time. It is difficult for impatient newbies to explain the potential of twitter usage unless they themselves get into it. I’m into tech so i won’t know which popular users or keywords would help get a chef for example hooked onto twitter (for that matter i couldn’t get my IT engg. cousin to understand its usage). right now twitter ain’t worth recommending as its scalability sucks and the reason it sucks (according to them) are the very users one should follow on twitter to be on top of things in their core area of interest. I discovered some things myself, like I learnt fine-tuning my followed keywords…so that the stream is refined with the passage of time while my friend HD is more focussed on following certain influential people and getting the buzz from authoritative sources…which btw are a nightmare to twitter servers.

For those not wanting to have to wade through the stream, they could use apps like twhirl (Adobe AIR isn’t stable yet on Linux i believe), or they could use any of the web services that help present twitter updates in various convenient forms. like or

The reason why I wanted to bring up this topic was that this time I chanced upon an article that’s claimed to demystify the twitter concept for newbies with the aptly titled “Newbies Guide to Twitter”

In extreme cases like this one in Egypt, twitter clearly shows its usefulness and is reason enough for them to re-analyze their infrastructure and redesign accordingly. All the best to the twitter team, coz twitter is like news delivered to the doorstep…in 140 character snippets.

p.s We shouldn’t be forgetting the tinyurls and snurls that let lenghty SEO friendly URL’s (something tells me these authors want all the article to be searchable with allinurl: operator:P ) to be shortened for services like twitter.
p.p.s Pownce on the other hand is a sort of a more private twitter which is useful when u want to send a pic, link across and can’t bother to log into mail n type a hi, and neither is the friend you wanna send to ever online on chat or whatever.


  1. Twitpic does a decent job too

    About posting a pic with pownce. This can be done with twitpic, twhirl has recently(about a month ago) integrated twitpic.

    • Re: Twitpic does a decent job too

      interesting. will be useful for other twitterers or twitnoobs.

      i was searching for some page that listed 3rd party web-side apps which use the twitter api but its i suppose more easier to find the client side twittering apps as in the linked blog article

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