Posted by: Diabolic Preacher | September 24, 2008

upcoming events

Quick post on upcoming events in Goa. Thought I might consider going for the saturday meet, but I was reminded that there were quite a few IT related events going on…as follows :-

  1. AGILE conference (quite a costly one, so no problem if you miss that). today…yes yes!! run run!
  2. SFD (Software Freedom Day) at BITS (Birla Institute of Technology & Science) is being held on Friday 26th Sept. 2008. Software Freedom Day is the grassroots level efforts by common people to spread awareness about the benefits of free software and free-ing software among people not in the know and for lots other fun activities too. Free Software is a fun concept too. No scary license agreements.
  3. ECAP (Exhibition of Computer & Allied Products). I’ve been blogging about it in the past, here and here. This time it seems ILUG’s not getting the Rampon Hall complimentarily and neither are they thinking their talks could be worth charging entry fees to sponssor the hall and presenting equipment…well even if they did, its too late to gather up enough interest to get paying audience at such short notice. So visit there for some hardware exhibition, but the real action happens on Friday, when I have a full working day 😥

UPDATE: According to a mail, that I received 3 hours ago from BITS OSUM the organisation that is making the SFD event a reality on the BITS campus, I am happy to update you on the event schedule, that it’s gonna be held on Saturday 27th with a “interactive session between the GOA-LUG and the students attending this session scheduled at 5:30 PM”…and not on a Friday as I was told before. Sorry if you already reached the venue in advance. Hope this blog finds you in good health 😉
There’s more reason to be visiting the venue now that it is on Saturday


  1. Well, I did offer cover costs. But I don’t see much enthu happening.

    • i suppose that’s one thing (costs) that ilug-goa wants to hold against b’lore lug as a distinguishing and identifying factor, for what reason, they alone know best. but i think ILUG-Goa’s been favored with complimentary hall for quite a long time. maybe if mandovi could give for a few hours, even if they charged it won’t be the full price for a day or whatever. dunno if that’d be possible.

      but BITS surely seems like a more beneficial venue.

      • Hmmm, strange. What does the BLUG have to do with it? I am a member of the goa lug list, and *I* offered to help out.

      • when am talkin of ilug-goa group in context of events _in_ goa. some members here might just want to deny charging to be distinguishing themselves from you. but its just that ilug-goa has seen many events being realised at next to nothing cost to the visitors…

        i hope they do have some function/event to present in and not lose either opportunities by directing resources the other way.

        p.s i also gotta tell you, given the charge for taking a decision, i wouldn’t want to bother with the ilug plug at ECAP, well-prepared presentations, but the audience, there really has come for the hardware stuff mostly n most of them would be windows loaded, though there are exceptions…like no OS or linux OS. i prefer no OS.
        people come to quick browse thru stalls and there are no prior imitations except at the venue itself…

      • BITS?

        Why go all the way to BITS? Wouldn’t Don Bosco’s be better? And in your last comment, did you mean intimation or imitation?

      • Re: BITS?

        BITS, the SFD venue.

      • Re: BITS?

        you are right it should be intimation. sorry for that.

  2. upcoming?

    do you have links for these?

    • Re: upcoming?

      You want the links now? They are past now. Since they were not events that i took part in organising, i just blogged about them, not listed them on any event announcement sites.

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