Posted by: Diabolic Preacher | November 13, 2008

Writer’s block or Routine block?

well what do I say people? I certainly mean to write this to get talking to you.

When I think about it, I do want to have conversations with people reading my blog regularly. I talk (type) with my fingers and you certainly talk with your eyes when you react to every thing I gotta say. I don’t mean they make somersaults, but somehow despite how snobbish it seems to be the only one speaking here, I do feel suddenly too irresponsible to have left the conversations without a word, but here’s the thing. It is one thing to be just be able to talk and its another to compose articles out of conversations. Gosh, this makes me think how hard its gonna be writing these kind of ‘oops i didn’t write for long time, where do i resume from?’ lines. But what the huck ever 😛

I certainly like the idea of microblogging in a way that its easier for the quick blurb posting, but then all the times I’m thinking of compiling them for an article, but now I’m like “i’ve talked about em already”, but I know well, that I didn’t go into details as well as I could. Although it wouldn’t be so hard to just open my twitter page and pick out some interesting stuff out of it and expand on them.

So what took me so long to even open up my dark room and get back to writing stuff just for the sake of writing stuff rather than completing articles. Too many things and to be honest, things haven’t got back totally in line and so I still didn’t get back to my mind map and finish off the stale SFD article. First thing was that my routine went berserk when the my first job slipped out of my hands too soon. I just had to re-start my search and preparations for a new opportunity. It took time to realise what exactly happened in such a hurry. I was like so unforgivably still not out of that job security stupid relaxed mode. Sooner there were lots of questions…in my mind. What really went wrong? What was I not enjoying, what was I struggling against? Was I even applying or re-applying back for the right kind of openings? Was the company I was in just an odd case, coz I certainly had enjoyed and worked well to the satisfaction of my (what do you call the person who takes in interns…not employers exactly…in this context, are they?) boss during my internship. Like this confusing question often made me think that perhaps its not that just one company, maybe its a wrong choice of line of work that’d make me a misfit, at all such companies sooner or later. What else could I be applying for? What are the job requirements for them? How many of them do I possess? How many can I prepare myself with and in how much time?

Imagine all these questions like hitting your head like darts right after you wake up from that relaxed mode. You want to run away but you want to also use that energy, wound up to run away, to embark on a search for new opportunities despite also the current hopelessness of financial meltdown looming over almost every sector of industry and certainly the IT sector. “Man, I’ve so many things wrapping and crushing my mind within, I think I’ll take time out and blog about my presentation on LyX at BITS Pilani – Goa Campus during Software Freedom Day.” like yeah fuckin right! 😛 Well truth be said, I was a bit less worried about losing out on major points since I’d plotted them on a mind map right after the event and also thankfully FN’s had taken some videos that I could link to.

Right now, I’m thinking, gotta sleep early. Need to get the smartcard done soon with having my 4 wheeler license test passed (by me). Need to get some positive news hopefully from the place I currently got interviewed in. I just felt more naturally in place for the requirements…and I certainly hope to learn fast and scale up. Right now, I’m certainly thinking what you are thinking. This thing is getting cut off too soon and believe me, it certainly is more than you know it. Ideas keep coming too fast before I could get down to arrange into blog posts asap. But its just a phase of time where I’m not too certain about when exactly following posts would come up, but the sooner they come up, let’s hope its a sign that more and more things are falling back into place.

Here’s a random question: Is metal music derogatory? I find the current range of hip-hop and r&b or rap kinda quite derogatory. I mean you gotta try real hard to be dumb to avoid getting the almost direct indications of objectifying women. how just life goes on so well with having all the desires of life and more fulfilled. Its like living the lie. How about facing the music? How about speaking out? There is no particular genre to be blamed for derogatory lyrics, just some drunk artists with a lot of money. I do have my choices of songs, albums, artists, but you can never be sure what the next set of songs they come up with would sound like. hell, i didn’t used to catch the words before and I used to make up my own funny lines and get poems out of them. Artists could be blamed for lyrics, music videos (like the 18+ types) with so much exposure for the singer looking for a big break or i dunno what. Metal music artists have quite a few good points to learn from. They stick around for looong time. Learn to be good at your job and you might stick around for long time too. Skipping often is bad for your career health. They play real instruments. Listening to synth-pop is like working on a click-click-click code generation GUI rather than a programmer’s text editor. Metal lyrics, barring the unnecessarily filthy ones, have often stories to tell of the past, of the current, of some neverland. Its not just always 99 problems of the singer’s own self. Swearing isn’t as filthy as casually talking about ho’s in a gay pop song like singing a nursery rhyme. If people think that I haven’t heard metal music enough to not know how derogatory it can really be, all I’d say is “ain’t that a fuckin great thing? I’m just lucky sometimes y’know” 🙂 Basically I think you need to worry about derogatoryness if you are the MTV programming head or something.

I like music as a whole across all genres, but metal music is what gets me going. just the type I feel my heart pumps in sync with…and I still don’t play any instrument except sing. you can’t deny that’s an instrument that’s not too easy to play well without a lot of practice. 🙂


  1. block or no block

    Now a guy with a picture like that has to be cool!

    Writing for the sake of writing….well thats the advantage of a blog as opposed to a column. You can wait for the “block” to be raised before you get down to writing something. With columns there are deadlines and so block or not you got to write something.

    So why did this thought enter your mind: “is metal derogatory?” to women? I think that is a concept that has come from the west and which we seem to be following. Ads, media everywhere, the culture of ogling at women is getting promoted.

    I dont know how you will find me, you have some weird “from” so I am here:

    • Re: block or no block

      hey venkat,
      thanks so much for dropping by my journal. I do have like 446 entries on this blog, but as of now, my posts in the future would be published on

      well i dunno what’s cool about my pic, but i think blogger with a real pic is better than a blogger with the toon avatar.

      i agree with the pressure on creativity that deadlines on publishing a column brings on a writer but there are people who can churn out original stuff on demand. its just not me, who could do it, unless that was my life’s focus.

      I wonder why you picked out the “is metal derogatory?” section. 🙂 It’s not a thought in my mind, as I do love my metal music overdose. I had been asked about it and I came home and pondered over it, to see how bad is it really compared to all the songs that do get aired on MTV and the likes. I gotta tell that I just randomly pointed out a few observations and still know much more about my choice of music to say that it is far from derogatory.
      ppl wanna be happy, they should listen to devotional songs…those are the real peaceful stuff. ppl wanna get some awareness, they should listen to metal, it wakes you up, in every sense of the word.

      your profile brief (not underwear) says, “I like to learn about and write on technologies that affect peoples lives”, which is the exact ideology behind writing my blog, besides writing in a language easy for the common guy to get it all in the head.

      • Re: block or no block

        “ppl wanna get some awareness, they should listen to metal”

        ha ha ha, what kind of awareness?

      • Re: block or no block

        awareness that certainly your response confirms, you are not familiar with. 🙂

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        You’ll be featured on the iW2K home page shortly.

        From the desk of iW2K.

      • Re: You'll be featured on iW2K home page shortly


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