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this is a test post from windows live writer…thanks to its liveliness it detected template and blog details of livejournal. so livelyyyy

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Vacations in kolkata: the week past

Its exactly a week since i’ve been here and i still got some more days to enjoy 🙂
Had my first experience on kingfisher flight (finally), the only one with in-flight tv and movie(s) and free headphones. Got 2 pairs already. Luckily i discovered first that the flight has a special movie channel which boringly had a lot of ads but got to see bhootnath. Couldn’t see full movie in the first flight so saw it later in the second flight which was of much longer duration. The flight reached well within time sans a 20 min delay at the runway while takin off that i noted (busy waitin for the movie to resume playin) after all it was the same craft, so same movie i hoped. Another thing was the hostesses didn’t have to do the security demo pt exercise. The luggage appeared at the conveyor belt at the very moment that i brought in the trolley and i didn’t have to wait at all. Took some time to book the prepaid taxi and finally reached my (maternal) grandparents’ place.

I’ve been indoors in the daytime for 3 days so far. Been to 2 uncles’ places. Met with 3 cousins altogether and then went to south city mall. Still to open up entirely but its got quite a lot of big stores opened up already. Plan to go to the other new mall mani square tomorrow. Happy times with my special person. 🙂

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Started off with s5

Made up a sample slide with s5 presentation system and put it in full screen.
I asked one of my dam good classmates to guess the software the presentation was running on and first thing he says “it cannot be powerpoint”. Guess he knows me too well. 🙂 so all i do is press f11 to exit full screen mode and let him have the surprise of his life when firefox toolbars come into view. Hope to amaze more ppl on thursday.

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Started off with s5

Made up a sample slide with s5 presentation system and put it in full screen.
I asked one of my dam good classmates to guess the software the presentation was running on and first thing he says “it cannot be powerpoint”. Guess he knows me too well. 🙂 so all i do is press f11 to exit full screen mode and let him have the surprise of his life when firefox toolbars come into view. Hope to amaze more ppl on thursday.

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Keeping an eye on where you come from…

Where do you come from?

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Download Day Guinness World Record Participation Certificate

Have you downloaded the latest and the greatest web browser Firefox 3 yet. Don’t stick to the betas and the RC’s. Get the final thing!

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Facebook Applications: Encouraging or Discouraging Socialising.

Attempting to write an article after planning the layout with Freemind…hope it turns out to be readable.

Facebook’s been out of colleges and universities of the west for quite some time now and has gathered a large number of users…but what’s more interesting is the deluge of 3rd party applications that allowed facebook users endless things to do on the site. This article sort of questions about the social aspect of the applications…how many of them effectively help bring friends close together. I saw on orkut already…many of my friendlist are honestly not on orkut. Orkut apps came late and scraps and wall posts surely isn’t worth the effort for most users.

Given the open platform and the free access to developers. There are loads and loads and applications for facebook users to add…such that their page takes forever to load. Many of the applications are similar to memes available for blogs, but here’s the thing…Memes like “Which color are you? (reminds of racism?) are like one time use applications…use and throw. Unless you be a dishonest person, you won’t want to prove you change colors frequently. However we still need the application just to display which color we are. That was an example but you get the general idea. Think of writing about Facebook when Facebook is blocked…hard to recollect examples…but this is good enough. Individual developer’s applications are very rarely interesting…especially since they beg for attention…asking you to invite lots of friends before they would show you the results…i mean often its just peace of mind to not care about the results. However for companies like or, facebook is what i feel a huge fishnet filled with readily available users from the pool of all internet users. Users on the other hand have the convenience of using their facebook accounts themselves. No extra login to worry about.

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points i keep in mind while creating filters are…

ripping off content from a conversation i am having right now with FN

  1. Absolutely no mail is worth getting into your inbox unless it addresses you personally and really needs you to think of and reply soon…
  2. Labels shouldn’t be too specific (unless for really important update mails) nor too general (too hard to gauge the importance until you get to the label)
  3. Use the ‘mark as read’ filter option when you know you could look through those mails later if at all you cared.
  4. Check your filters from time to time.

Some of the other points that i added on later in the conversation were as follows: –

  • “but its not like i haven’t been able to make my life a lot easier with gmail filters themselves…when the inbox says new mail…it really is worth reading right then n there. some newsletters change email n they slip thru so i update the filters n they are back to where they belong”.
  • “for safety first filter out the mailing list ones…which have a prefix text in the subject or a set email id”. Stands true for newsletters or the regular forwarding friend in your company or class.
  • “if any of the filtered mails feel like important…don’t set to skip inbox initially…see if them appearing in inbox is not so high priority and then update the filter to skip inbox…don’t do it for all…it will become boring”.
  • “the labels themselves get highlighted when new unread mails enter them. so you could check them anyways and see if an unintended mail had got in there. if you wouldn’t want to bother about some mails that you archive and label…mark them as read when creating filter…so the label won’t unnecessarily get highlighted”. I think this one’s really confusing…unless you try it out…i could not understand what i understood then…so FN don’t ask 😛
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twitter: why bother using it?

Although twitter’s im bot’s like forever offline for soo long and i dunno when i could get my updates back…while it lasted, I had somehow worked out what worked well for me in twitter. I’d post very few original twits. a few replies sometimes but mostly eavesdropping on the stream of 140 character updates. Being able to skim through the entire set of updates to check out the useful stuff, notice a buzz pattern and click few selective links is what one gets better at with time. It is difficult for impatient newbies to explain the potential of twitter usage unless they themselves get into it. I’m into tech so i won’t know which popular users or keywords would help get a chef for example hooked onto twitter (for that matter i couldn’t get my IT engg. cousin to understand its usage). right now twitter ain’t worth recommending as its scalability sucks and the reason it sucks (according to them) are the very users one should follow on twitter to be on top of things in their core area of interest. I discovered some things myself, like I learnt fine-tuning my followed keywords…so that the stream is refined with the passage of time while my friend HD is more focussed on following certain influential people and getting the buzz from authoritative sources…which btw are a nightmare to twitter servers.

For those not wanting to have to wade through the stream, they could use apps like twhirl (Adobe AIR isn’t stable yet on Linux i believe), or they could use any of the web services that help present twitter updates in various convenient forms. like or

The reason why I wanted to bring up this topic was that this time I chanced upon an article that’s claimed to demystify the twitter concept for newbies with the aptly titled “Newbies Guide to Twitter”

In extreme cases like this one in Egypt, twitter clearly shows its usefulness and is reason enough for them to re-analyze their infrastructure and redesign accordingly. All the best to the twitter team, coz twitter is like news delivered to the doorstep…in 140 character snippets.

p.s We shouldn’t be forgetting the tinyurls and snurls that let lenghty SEO friendly URL’s (something tells me these authors want all the article to be searchable with allinurl: operator:P ) to be shortened for services like twitter.
p.p.s Pownce on the other hand is a sort of a more private twitter which is useful when u want to send a pic, link across and can’t bother to log into mail n type a hi, and neither is the friend you wanna send to ever online on chat or whatever.

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apt not adept enough at package installing.

After finally getting the laptop to lab to connect to the net and update the packages and install a lot of much needed software, the experience isn’t anywhere as nice as that on windows…and i believe probably on ubuntu as well. its like kubuntu’s hardly looked into. they don’t even include firefox. Its like an attempt to say, that “look kde is useless just by itself”. There were about 23000 packages available installed or not installed on the repositories and more than the big list to choose from, here’s how they make it more difficult to choose :-

  • when you select a package the additional required packages get selected but if you choose to deselect the package to avoid installing it the other packages may or may not get deselected.
    e.g. u choose package A that needs atleast package B and package C and optionally package D (package D is of no use without package A). now in some cases adept autoselects package B but even though package C looks like a more relevant option it doesn’t choose that. and if while deselecting A,B,C (by luck or by click) you leave D selected, there’s no warning that its just gonna take up space and not do much, unless you have the main package also selected.
  • Some of the packages like the data packs for the games needed to be manually selected and I dunno why can’t it just be lumped into one package. its like even when u cancel a request to install a certain package, the to-be-downloaded size doesn’t exactly decrease as much as it had increased after including that package and its dependencies.
  • Some packages surprisingly wanted to remove about 30 packages which included openoffice itself and i had no idea why. you might be asking which package, which brings me to the next point
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